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If you want to be part of our project you will have lots of benefits such as being part of an online hub community or get tools for your new business.

The S@TB consortium has been developing resources, materials and communities for you and your new business idea. If you are a new entrepreneur, or you just started now your own business, this is your place. Complete the following questionnaire to sign in our project and get all the resources and materials. Be part of and online hub community and get started!

S@TB project

This is for you, as an entrepreneur. Welcome!

Shop Around The Block is a project with three main results: a needs analysis with tools; the creation of online hubs communities; and a feasibility study. Do you want to know how all of these results are going to be developed? Keep reading and discover our work!

Needs analysis and tools

Needs analysis (starting) local businesses, research entrepreneurship and (regional) products and online available tools/instruments.

Online hub communities

Draft online entrepreneur hubs communities template and implement pilots.

Feasibility study

Feasibility study continuation of future S@TB approach.

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