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Our meetings

In order to achieve the greatest quality of the project results, the consortium meets every now and them, online and face-to-face, to keep up on the project development. We met each other for the first time in Bruges (Belgium) in September 2022. We are planning more meetings and more places to visit.

Our online meetings

In this project we have planned five online meetings to carry out an analysis of the development of the project. They will take place over the three years of the project, divided into different months and interspersed with the online meetings.

  • Kick off meeting - June 2022. In this first meeting we had the opportunity to know each other for the first time and also to have a deeper description of the project by our coordinator.
  • 2nd online meeting - December 2022. During our second online meeting we had the opportunity to talk about the development of the results, what has been already done, and what are the next steps. All partner agreed on their work to be done and the next meeting that will take place in February (online) and April in Ireland. We can't wait!
  • 3rd online meeting - February 2023. During our third online meeting we had the opportunity to discuss the development of the first result and its activities. We also had the opportunity to see the website finished in all partner languages.
  • 4th online meeting - April 2024.
  • 5th online meeting - October 2024.

Our Transnational Project Meetings

Erasmus+ would not be the same without its face-to-face meetings. In this project we have planned five face-to-face meetings, organised in the different months of the project. In addition, we also have a training for the staff.

  • 1st Transnational project meeting (TPM) - Bruges (BE), September 2022. Our first face-to-face meeting was the best opportunity to get to know each other and seeing each other for the first time. We shared the development of the project, ideas and experiences.
  • 2nd TPM - Virginia (IE), April 2023. We had a great time in Virginia thanks to our hosts, FIP. During our meeting we could discussed the “threats” for the local hubs that were indicated as well as the opportunities and next steps. We also started working on the development of the templates for the hubs, and identified each partner the participants they can involve in the project.

  • 3rd TPM - Madrid (ES), December 2023.
  • 4th TPM - Bitonto (IT), July 2024.
  • 5th TPM - Burgh-Haamstede(NL), January 2025.

Our Staff Training will take place during September 2023 in Burgh-Haamstede (The Netherlands).

If you want to keep updated give our meetings, don't miss any detail through our social media or our news section in our website!



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