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Here we leave you a couple of resources so that you can use them in your venture.

Indeed: 14 Entrepreneur Resources for Starting a Successful Business

Small Business: 5 Resources You Need to Succeed to Start a Business

Mettl.com: Entrepreneur test is a tool to identify the crucial entrepreneurial characteristics and skills one needs before venturing into an entrepreneurial journey. The entrepreneur assessment analyzes vital behavioral competencies and cognitive skills required to excel as an entrepreneur.

Europa.eu: An article on EU funding available for all types of companies of any size and sector.

Entrecomp: Reference framework to explain what is meant by an entrepreneurial mindset.

How to fund your business in Flanders: 7 popular options: In addition to a range of tax incentives and governmental support options, various other funding possibilities exist in Flanders. From self funding andinvolving family, friends and fans to crowdfunding, venture capital,PMV corporate loans as well as bank  and non-bank financing: here are 7 popular funding strategies and how they work in Flanders.

Triple E-dge toolbox: Toolbox to train your entrepreneurial skills: communication, flexibility, problem solving & leadership. The toolbox exists out of games, resources, videos and learning paths.

Thebrilliance4.org: effective points to consider.

Jobstreet.com.my: Top 7 Entrepreneurial attitudes, personalities and workstyles you must follow

How to take the fear out of networking and start making business connections: Networking for small business owners

6 ways you can multitask as a business owner: tips on how to multitask as a business owner

A comprehensive guide to creating your personal SWOT analysis: A guide to creating a personal SWOT analysis

The pros and cons of collaborating with other entreprenuers: An article on the pros and cons of collaborating with other entrpenuers

starting a business and accessing funding: A comprehensive guide to financing a business in Ireland from the Irish citizen's advice board