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Result 1: Needs analysis (start-up) local businesses, research entrepreneurship and their (regional) products and online available tools/instruments.

What are we developing in Result 1?

For this outcome, a needs analysis is underway regarding the format to be established for Outcome 2. In Outcome 2, work is underway on setting up online entrepreneur hubs communities’ template (following this research), in which start-up (riskier) entrepreneurs create pop-ups with local stakeholders including running pilots implement.

This results the online availability of various tools/instruments to encourage and/or teach entrepreneurship skills on the S@TB website.

How is the distribution of work?

So, this result actually consists of 3 general parts;

  • R1.A | Needs analysis of local existing and starting entrepreneurs
  • R1.B | Research into guidelines/procedures for starting a business
  • R1.C | Toolbox with existing tools/instruments concerning entrepreneurship skills A detailed implementation of this result with who is responsible for what and what the planning is, is further elaborated below.